February 7, 2023


Posted on February 7, 2023  •  2 minutes  • 218 words
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Stay connected With SmsWithoutBorders SWOB

We hardly know when we are going to find ourselves without an internet connection; Whether in an event, in school, traveling to a new place or migrating to a remote area, natural disaster, in a protest, etc.

We are pleased to introduce SMSWithoutBorders(SWOB). SWOB is a messaging app developed by Afkanerd Technologies Ltd. It allows messages to be sent to online platforms such as Telegram, Gmail, and Twitter without an active internet connection.

Messages in SWOB are sent securely through a network of SMS gateways to stay connected. Users have to set up their SWOB accounts while connected to the internet, then continue communication later in a situation of bad internet connection.

SWOB has the following characteristics:

Here are some steps to synchronize your SWOB account;


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